The Perks of Direct Mail

Some may think that snail mail is outdated, however there are many reasons why that is not exactly the case. Snail mail offers many benefits that emails just cannot accomplish. In this blog there will be discussion of reasons why companies may want to reconsider how they market themselves.

There are some times when snail mail is much more appropriate than sending an email marketing blast. For example, when really trying to target your audience, you should send a direct mail piece. This ensures that you can get to people by zip code much more efficiently. Also when you are trying to reach high-level decision maker, a piece of direct mail is much more likely to get through to them than an email. Direct mail is also good for putting out call to actions. For example, the piece of mail should direct people to your website to receive more information, a discount, or something else of that nature.

According to an article called From Mail To Sale by Ben Schott, direct mail is used more often than social media, online display ads, and paid search. Direct mail is used in about 57 percent of marketing ads, and is up about 7 percent since 2015. To show how effective direct mail marketing really is we will take a look at the marketing strategy of Fox’s Pizza Den. Fox’s Pizza Den is a family owned franchise business that is located in 25 states. They mail out 500,000 promotional pieces and ads at a time in hopes to bring in more business to their stores. With that being said, their new stores have increased sales by as much as 30 to 40 percent over a 30 week span of using the mailings. This example proves that email, and social media marketing are not the answer to every company’s marketing plan. Direct mail still plays a huge role in the marketing world, and continues to help businesses grow and thrive.

Direct mail and social media should work together instead of being two separate marketing routes. Studies show that it is beneficial to have links to the company’s social media accounts, and should resemble the design of the website. Direct mail can be paired with social media to make the marketing aspect for a company more beneficial than ever.

Although direct mail may not be everyone’s first choice of marketing, we cannot say that it is going obsolete because that is far from the case. Direct mail will continue to help businesses market their companies in numerous ways for a long time to come.


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