Paper Grows Trees!

There are many misconceptions about paper destroying the environment because it “kills trees”. What if we told you that was not technically the case? In this Blog we will discuss the importance of growing trees for the purpose of making paper, as well as the actual length of time it takes for trees to grow to produce paper. The results may shock you, as well as change the way you look at growing trees for paper.


According to an article from “Two Sides North America”, North America grows many more trees than we harvest. This means that we really are not cutting down as many trees to make paper as we think we are. In the United States, the overall forest area has increased by about 5,800 NFL size football fields per day between the years 2007 and 2012. This means that in total there was an increase in forests by 14 million acres. In the article a calculation was done to determine the amount of time it actually takes to grow some popular paper products: a standard #10 envelope, and 500 sheets of office copy paper. The results of the above experiment were quite surprising. They found that in order to grow the fiber needed for a #10 envelope, 0.3 to 1.9 seconds are needed per 100 acres of North American forest, and the time needed for 500 sheets of office paper is 0.3 to 2.2 hours per 100 acres of North American forests.


With all of the above information, it can be concluded that growing trees to make paper is not as difficult as some may think. Terms such as “go paperless – go green” and “save the trees” can be misleading and invite consumers to have a negative viewpoint about using paper. These things also lead consumers to believe that the making of paper directly correlates with the permanent loss of trees which we know are not the case because more trees are grown than harvested. Paper is a key factor in supporting a vital and sustainable forest cycle that will be able to be managed for a long time to come. So, there is no need to “go green – go paperless” because paper is a positive thing when it comes to growing trees.



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