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Victor Envelope utilizes the latest digital technology to provide high quality reproduction. To ensure high quality reproduction, certain guidelines must be followed. All incoming projects should include a hard copy. Digital files can be submitted via CD/DVD or via our FTP site. For specific information on our FTP site, please contact your Salesperson. Digital file preparation should be accomplished using mainstream software provided by the following companies: Adobe, Quark Express, and Enfocus. Non-graphic applications such as Microsoft Word and others may yield unpredictable results at output or require additional costs. When providing files include all native files, all fonts and graphic links.

PDF files may be submitted as long as they have been created properly. To ensure proper PDF file preparation, please visit When artwork is being created, Victor Envelope will provide a die template to ensure proper envelope configuration. These die templates cannot be altered in any way. Victor Envelope will provide a digital transmitted PDF proof for a visual inspection. These PDF proofs are designed to be used for communication purposes and do not replace the need for a final hard copy contact proof.

Hard copy contact proofs will be submitted for approval prior to printing. Hard copy contact proofs represent what the final output will render in the printing process. Any color adjustments or graphic changes should be made at the proof stage to ensure a quality reproduction.

All proofs should be inspected for graphic content, position and color.
Color and artwork changes need a revised hard copy proof.

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